SHR Riding Technique DVDs

SHR Riding Technique DVDs


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Learn from Steve in your own home. Over 100 various techniques that will take your riding to the next level. In each lesson, Steve takes you through each motion, body positioning and his personal tips to make it as simple as possible.


SHR Riding Technique DVDs are available in multiple options:

  • Individual DVDs : $29
  • Four-Pack (Please make a note on checkout which videos you want): $92.80
  • DVD Collection (all 8 Volumes): $185.60


A short sample of a typical technique:


Volume #1

Body Positioning, Starts, Braking, Rear Brake Turning, Corners, Uphill, Downhill, Ruts, Sand Turns & Rocks

Volume #2

Grinding, Wheelies, Log Crossing, Ollies, Seat Hop, Berms, Pulling Back, Line Selection, Table Top Jump & Fly Away Jump

Volume #3

Kicker Jump, Ravine Jump, Double Jump Into Corner, Double Jump using Seat Hop, Scrub on a Drop Off, Logs- The Fast Way, Rolling Rocks, Sweeper Turn and Silt Turns

Volume #4

180 degree Turns, Shale Hill Climbs, Seat Hop Logs, Seat Hop Trail Doubles, Line Options, Climb with a Rock Wall, Turn around on a Hill, Rock Jump Obstacle, Root Jump Uphill and Cross Log Sideways

Volume #5

Over log sideways, Uphill line selection, Terrain jump, Tight corner line, Off camber rut turn, Tight trees, Waterbar obstacle, Keep foot on peg, Front wheel landing, and Rear brake usage

Volume #6

Wheelie into wall, Acceleration bumps, Sand before hill, Tricky sand turn, Leg up and out, Drop off ravine, Wheelie exit, Corner exit, Sand straightaway, and Jump into corner.

Volume #7

Double ravine, Natural double, Body and corners, Light heavy roots, Triple tree root, Rut around tree, Really tight trees, Hard hairpin rut, Downhill braking, and Uphill attack.

Volume #8

Finish tight rut, ditch ollie, wet grass turn, lines with roots, double double, uphill tree roots, log pile jump, deep mud rut, drag rear brake, pivot on exit.


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