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Private Lessons

This is a great way to learn very quickly…the athlete gets every second with Steve to themselves. In most cases we will use a 2-way radio – one in the rider’s helmet and one in Steve’s. This allows for instant feedback to the rider allowing them to make the necessary adjustments right away. The private lesson has the major advantage of making sure we consistently focus on exactly what the rider wants or what the coach feels they need to be safer, faster and more confident while enjoying the sport.


I just wanted to thank you for teaching me so much at the clinic at Cortland NY after learning every thing I did there I went out and applied it to the race track and found that it really does work. It is great to know all those little secrets about being faster. I rode this last race trying not to dab and keeping my form, elbows up, and visualizing the win. Doing all of this at the last race I some how got a win for the first time! Thanks a TON!!!Shane Davis

Learn From the Best

Private Lesson Rates

Single Rider
$125/ hr.

  • One-on-One training with Steve Hatch.
  • Focus on specific skills & techniques:
    • Acceleration, braking, cornering, logs, roots, etc.
  • Proper form and technique demonstrated by Steve himself
    • Learn by watching the Best in action!
  • Turn specific weaknesses into strengths.
  • 3 hour minimum

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Group Pricing 

Bring a group of friends with you and save $

          Duration              # of riders     Cost per rider
8 hour day (9a‐5p)           1                     $1,000
8 hour day (9a‐5p)           2*                       $550
8 hour day (9a‐5p)           3*                       $400
8 hour day (9a‐5p)           4*                       $325
8 hour day (9a‐5p)           5*                       $280
8 hour day (9a‐5p)           6*                       $250
8 hour day (9a‐5p)           7*                       $228
8 hour day (9a‐5p)           8*                       $212
8 hour day (9a‐5p)        9 to 20*                $200

*Riders are responsible for forming their own groups

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