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SHR Riding Clinics

“All clinics are postponed at this time to get through the COVID-19 virus, will update in the future”

SHR Riding Clinics take a systemized approach to making you a better, faster, and safer rider. Our step-by-step process starts with proper body positioning and form on the motorcycle. From there, we tackle the three riding cornerstones: Acceleration, Braking, and Cornering. All clinics are 2 days long, each day is different drills and techniques taught; also there will be information on training, nutrition and mental toughness.

Interested in joining one of Steve Hatch’s famous riding clinics? Don’t see a date that works with you? If Steve’s in your area, contact SHR and arrange for special training. Have a group of friends interested? SHR can set up a new clinic for all of you.

(all clinics and boot camps are $200 per day, you can only buy boot camps doing all of the days. Our policy is 10 minimum riders and 20 maximum riders (unless I bring in more coaches) per clinic or boot camp, if we don’t get the minimum you will get 100% reimbursement or be scheduled for a future clinic or boot camp)


*BC=Boot Camp, CL=Clinic, 6D=ISDE 6 day

Clinic Skill Level Spots Remaining
2020 Scottsdale, AZ – Private Coaching
February 17-21 All Levels Contact
Florida/Georgia Area – Private
March 6-23 All Levels Contact
Houston, TX – Private
April 3-6 All Levels Contact
Richford, NY – Private
Some Availability April/May All Levels Contact
CL – Richford, NY
May 23 NYOA Race 19 Tickets
BC – Stafford Springs
Friday – June 5 Kids 20 Tickets
Saturday – June 6 BC C&B 20 Tickets
Sunday – June 7 BC C&B 20 Tickets
Monday – June 8 BC A&AA 20 Tickets
Richford, NY- Private
Some Availability June/July All Levels Contact
BC – Colorado – 2D
Saturday, July 25 A/AA 20 Tickets
Sunday, July 26 A/AA 20 Tickets
BC – Colorado – 2D
Saturday, August 1 C & B 20 Tickets
Sunday, August 2 C & B 20 Tickets
BC – Richford, NY – 5 Days
Monday –  August 3 All Levels 20 Tickets
Tuesday – August 4 All Levels 20 Tickets
Wednesday, August 5 All Levels 20 Tickets
Thursday, August 6 All Levels 20 Tickets
Friday, August 7 All Levels 20 Tickets
France – Private
Some Availability September Contact