I have known Steve and Denise for ten years. They are great people, always willing to help. I have been on the Steve Hatch Training program for the last 3 years. I have achieved a huge improvement in my riding, racing, preparation and everything that goes into being a motorcycle racer. Since I started training with Steve, I have gone from being the average A class rider in WORCS to now having a factory Kawasaki ride. The knowledge that Steve and Denise have on every aspect of racing is just unbelievable and will help anyone from beginner to full pro.Taylor Robert

I have a really good program with Steve Hatch, so every time I train, I see the progress, and I feel it. To me, the more time I have to prepare, the better, because it seems like every time I get on the bike with Steve I get better. “Since I’ve been with Steve Hatch and his Steve Hatch Racing Training Program, there’s no such thing as guess work. Everything I do know has a purpose and a goal, and that goal has me winning races for the first time in my pro careerNathan Kanney

So how different are things now that you’re working with Steve Hatch? – Basically it takes all the guess work out of it. He sends me emails and tells me what to do, and I know as long as I follow that plan, I’ll be on my game. Me and Steve working together has made a huge difference. My confidence is higher, and I know a lot more about focusing for a race.Kailub Russell

Thanks for getting back to me. I set the brakes to your specs and …suprise…better control. My turns and the feel of the bike are improving. I couldn’t believe how much more control of the bike I had when I applied weight and squeezed with outside leg like you told me to. Thanks again.Darren Spicer

Steve, First, I just wanted to say thanks for coming on board as one of my close friend’s son’s trainer and coach. Over the last almost year, I’ve seen Kale really come into his own – from a smooth “quick” rider to a smooth aggressive “fast” rider – all while operating within his means. Kudos also to you in your approach with the training. I listened as you taught Kale with true intent to educate in a manor few teachers at your level have. Great job!Ken Hughes

Steve i was at one of you riding clinics at knobby acres it helped me so much it took me a few races but i went on to win the year on my 450 and our president told me that i was going on to open A and i wanted to thank you so much one day i hope to be as good as u and rodney and i am going after my dream of being pro if it wasnt for you i would never have done it and i really want to train with you well thank you so much your the manRyan West

Steve just wanted to give some additional feedback on your training. I attended your training in San Antonio TX in December 2015. I have worked on my skills since then especially balance, body position and turning. My first enduro since the training was last Sunday. I received my first ever first place finish in the 45 class. While I do not feel any faster I am much smoother on the bike especially in corners and tight technical sections. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge. Look forward to future training soon.Richard McKee

Steve: Hey there! I wanted to write you and give you some updates. I have been practicing the drills that you showed me and everyday that I ride I notice improvement in handling and my form. I have a long way to go still but I am noticing improvement. Thank You! Also the opening round of the Missouri State Hare scramble series was yesterday and I started of the season with a win! I could tell the drills have been working. I felt much more confident with my corners and braking. The report is on my web site(tobyatkins.net) and it will tell you everything about the race if you want to check it out. Also I have been selected for the Husqvarna Factory Rider for a Day! I will be racing Round 4 at Union, SC. Just figured you would be excited to know how your teaching is working. It is OK if you want to put any of this on your web site. The press release should be out soon about the Husqvarna deal. Thanks Steve for your help, your teaching is working and thanks for all your help.Toby Atkins

Steve, A group of us went to Kirby, Ar to ride today, it was nice to see Evan and Brad stretching before the ride. I don’t think I have seen either of them do it before. Seems they both were following your advice. Whenever they would stop on the trail, they would talk about different things they had learned from you and how they were applying it to there riding. They were both more interested in riding in control than just barreling down the trail as fast as they could. (thanks to you). When they went out for the last lap of the day they picked up the pace and came in ahead of most everyone else. They are both still improving and applying what they learned.Cliff - Happy Father

Amazing experience! The Chisled into a Champion program brought my riding to the next level. Between the hours of guided practice and invaluable tips and instruction, I had my best finish ever at my very next race. I learned more in one week than I would have learned in several seasons of riding on my own (and many things I probably never would have learned). Thanks Steve — looking forward to doing this again!David Cretsinger

Steve I have to say that you are the best trainer I have been trained with. You gave me some new idees. And your whole layout of training was good.Vanja Kollmann

I have learned many things while training with Steve Hatch over the past several years. He has taught me to have trust in my riding ability and how to become one with the bike while riding. My confidence and riding levels have improved so much thanks to Steve’s patience persistence and positive attitude while training. Steve is an awesome role model in my life both on and off the track and I’m excited for many years ahead with Steve helping me to be at the front of the pack.Colby Davis