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Riders who train or who have trained with SHR; Taylor Robert,Ryan Sipes,Stu Baylor,Kailub Russell,Bob Kiniry,Cody Webb, Max Gerston, Justin Soule’, Nate Kanney, Paul Carpenter, Austin Burns, Kyle Summers, Eric Bailey, Dave Broderick, Gary Sutherland, Grant Baylor, Nick Davis, Grant Maryott, Colby Davis, Mike Stryker, Brad Warren, Tyler Trammel, Jubal Brown, Ian Blythe, And many more

SHR is the industry’s premier provider of dirt bike rider training. Steve Hatch has a unique systematic approach to teaching riding skills and he is passionate about teaching and making you a better rider. Weather your dream is to become a National Champion, beat your friends on the trails or tracks, or just to be a safer and more skilled rider, Steve’s premier dirt bike training will unleash your full potential!

Steve’s high impact training programs include a unique web based video training system, a comprehensive DVD training set, rider clinics, boot camps, 1-on-1 personal training and the unique “Chiseled Into a Champion” program. Programs are available for all riders from Pro to Beginners and even Kids. Steve’s teaching methods are unlike any in the dirt bike world. Training with Steve is fun, focused, and proven to deliver results -fast and consistently! Become the rider you have always dreamed of now!

Not only will you get the best, riding videos and technique we will give you so much more. How to eat right for optimum performance and a fit body, how to get more mentally focused on your bike and in your life, how to be more organized with bike preparation, how to heal and prevent injury and much more.

We absolutely guarantee that you will love the video clips and documents we have prepared for you. They are packed full of clear, easy to understand technique and knowledge that will take your riding, your fitness and your life to the next level!


I have known Steve and Denise for ten years. They are great people, always willing to help. I have been on the Steve Hatch Training program for the last 3 years. I have achieved a huge improvement in my riding, racing, preparation and everything that goes into being a motorcycle racer. Since I started training with Steve, I have gone from being the average A class rider in WORCS to now having a factory Kawasaki ride. The knowledge that Steve and Denise have on every aspect of racing is just unbelievable and will help anyone from beginner to full pro."
- Taylor Robert

“Thanks Steve. You have been a pleasure to work with. As a guy who has been involved in events for nearly 30 years, I always let guys like yourself who earn an “A” know about it and you get an A+. You have been responsive, and I very much appreciate that. Anyway, thank you for being a professional, stand-up guy, (you have that kind of reputation in the industry, but I’m sure that you know that already).” - Ron Dillon

“WOW Steve! Great, more than I expected. Thanks Vern”
- Vern Gamble

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